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Libya: 1st oil well on fire.

21 февраля 2011 г.


Civilians have attacked an oil well located in southern Tripoli, causing an explosion and fire, AFP have reported.

Early reports claim security forces at the area controlled the fire and arrested six Libyan people in connection with the fire.

Last night Saif Al Gaddafi, the son of the Libyan president Muammar Al Gaddafi said oil production in the North African state will inevitably be affected if the unrest and the protests continue.

The dictators progeny warned that the country will collapse if the unrest continues.

Witnesses said that the protests have reached the capital Tripoli and Qatar's Al Jazeera TV Channel is reporting that one of the biggest tribes in Libya, the Warfla, have openly come out in support of the protestors.

International media sources have put the carnage in the troubled state at around 200 civilian deaths, with many more reported missing and injured.

Libya has the eighth largest oil reserves in the world at 44.3 billion barrels and produces around 1.65 million barrels a day.

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