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Gazprom Neft will pay 4.7 billion rubles fine.

16 февраля 2011 г.


Rosneft, LUKOIL and TNK-BP agreed with the FAS to reduce fines for overcharging on gasoline in 2009 to 2.1 billion rubles. A Gazprom Neft not agreed and will be forced to pay 4.7 billion rubles.

4 major company of oil and gas sector of the Russian Federation have been fined by the Federal Antimonopoly Service in connection with the inflated price of fuel in 2008 and 2009.
They were Gazprom Neft, Rosneft, Lukoil and TNK-BP. All companies have tried to prove his innocence.

TNK-BP was more successful. Company managed to win in 3 instances of the West Siberian region: the regional arbitration, appeal and cassation.

However, Company "stumbled" in the Supreme Arbitration Court, which ruled in favor of FAS.

The company unsuccessfully appealed to the Russian Constitutional Court. After that, TNK-BP decided to negotiate and reduce fines.

Gazprom Neft has reached the Court of Cassation in St. - Petersburg. But then her luck had left.

The Supreme Arbitration Court RF could not make a decision contrary to his own position in the TNK-BP, so Gazprom Neft lost in court.

The company continued to fight bravely. It was a mistake.

It was correct from the standpoint of commercial law.

But it was wrong from the viewpoint of Russian reality.

The fate of the case was already a foregone conclusion, even for a pro-government companies such as Gazprom Neft.

FAS drove on a “road rink” on Gazprom Neft .

The company was excluded from the negotiating process with the FAS, lose the opportunity even to agree on reducing the penalties.
Gazprom Neft could not sign the settlement agreement with the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service.

As a result, at today's meeting of the Supreme Arbitration Court RF defendant confirmed that "Gazprom Neft" carries out instructions of FAS, however, left the matter to court.
The Court awarded a penalty Gazprom Neft, including 4,7 billion rubles.

Other companies that participated in the negotiation process with FAS have agreed.

On - be honest, this whole situation is not clear townsfolk.

If such a decision has been made in respect of the TNK-BP, rather an independent company, the state could receive bonuses from a ruling in favor of the FAS.

But Gazprom Neft is the completely loyal structure, ready at the request of the State to give, to invest any funds. The state simply shifted money from one pocket to another, revealing chastise dedicated structure. Why?

February 9, FAS has initiated new proceedings against Gazprom Neft, LUKOIL and Rosneft in connection with the increase in fuel prices in December 2010 (see news ot15.02.11: TNK-BP and Gazprom Neft almost simultaneously announced a reduction of retail prices for gasoline).

Companies no longer argue with FAS

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